Walter Schalk

Cotillion Ballroom Dancing: Grades 4th - 6th





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Tuition is due on November 14, 2017.

Ballroom Dance Instruction:
In our program, students will really learn to dance and carry this valuable skill with them throughout their lifetime. Students will learn a variety of dances including the waltz, fox trot, cha-cha, salsa, rumba, hip-hop, disco, jitterbug, swing, Western and contemporary line dancing, and the Mexican hat dance.

Special Ballroom Dancing Events:
• ‘50s Rock & Roll Party: Twist, Limbo & Hulahoop
• Western Theme Party
• Parent’s Night

Social Etiquette and the Practice of Good Manners:
• Introducing Yourself and Others in a Receiving Line
• Proper Handshakes and Eye Contact
• Remembering Names
• Appropriate Dress and Correct Sitting Positions
• Thanking Your Host for a Nice Evening
• Treating Fellow Students with Consideration & Respect

We encourage students to sign up with a “partner” on their registration form. If you do not have a partner, its does not mean that the student will not be enrolled, as many sign up without partners. Our goal is to balance the number of boys and girls in the class.

Class Attire:
Girls: Party dresses or a blouse and skirt, white gloves, dress shoes (no high heels or platform shoes).
Boys: Dark suit or sports jacket, dress shirt and tie, dark shoes and socks (no sneakers).