Walter Schalk

Musical Theatre: Grades 7th - 12th

These classes step into the Musical Comedy-Theatre Dance and Broadway dancing fields as well as Exhibition Ballroom. We have found that this form of dancing extends one's self-confidence, poise, and personality, not to mention the added enjoyment of performing before an audience. Classes are broken down by grade level. All students are invited to participate in our annual Spring Revue.

It is not mandatory for a student to sign up with a partner, however if they do, it ensures them of immediate enrollment. This does not mean that this student is their partner for the dancing year. Our goal is to balance the number of girls and boys in each class.

´╗┐Girls: Black tank leotard or WSSD tank top, black jazz pants, white jazz shoes or white dance sneakers (no black sneakers).
Boys: Comfortable clothes and sneakers.

Towns that this class is taught in:

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